Comprehensive Guide To Avoid Small Moving Problems


How to avoid the most common small moving problems for a successful relocation? 

Moving to a new place can be something that you are looking forward to or the opposite of it. It can be exciting, exhausting, frustrating, and tiring all at the same. Just the thought of packing and organizing your things can be challenging enough and can easily send you into a bad mood if you are not properly prepared for it. In this article, we will be highlighting the commonly encountered small moving problems and how to avoid them.

Common small moving problems and solutions

1: Your new house is not ready

Let's say you have packed and transported your things to the new location. But the problem is you will find out that your new house is not properly cleared out or not ready to be used. This scenario can be one of the worst things that you wish will not happen to you.

The Fix:

You need to ensure that you are well prepared before the moving day. Make a plan and schedule a fixed moving date. You need to communicate with your new landlord or previous owner to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Also, if you want to renovate your new house, ensure that it is already in progress a few months before you move in to avoid nasty surprises. But if you don't have much time to prepare your house and you need to move-out in your house, you can arrange for external lodging at a hotel or hire storage facilities to store your belongings until your new home is prepared.

2. You haven't booked a small moving company

Yes, you have to search for top small movers near you but you wait until the last minute to reserve a small moving company of your choice. Chances are they are already fully-booked on the day of your relocation and cannot accommodate you.

The Fix:

That is why it is important to make a plan ahead. Get recommendations from friends and family, check online reviews, and contact the company of your choice.

3. You are rushing to pack your things

No matter how big or small your things, don't ever leave the packing up to the last minute. When you are scrambling to pack your belongings, chances are you will just toss them all in the box without a clear and organized way. This practice will only make your unpacking process more tedious and confusing because you do not where your things are.

The Fix:

As soon as you know your moving date, you need to start organizing and packing your things. Gather and prepare all the necessary packing supplies like packing paper, bubble wrap, boxes, and tape. If possible, assign a room where you will pack your items together. You can start with the items that you use less frequently and do not need daily. Packed them and label each box and what room they should go to.

4. Your items need special packaging and handling

Things like appliances, artworks, lamps, chandeliers, and certain pieces of furniture need special attention and time when packaging. There is furniture that needs to be disassembled before being moved or appliances that needs specific packaging instruction. That is why it is important to hire professional small movers. They have the knowledge and experience when it comes to small moving.

The Fix:

If you are going to packed and move your belongings on your own, you need to start gathering all the necessary supplies for packing your fragile items. And if you will hire a small moving company, give them a detailed inventory of all your belongings that require special packaging and handling.

5. You don't declutter before the move

Part of making your small moves a success is downsizing your stuff. If you forgot to purge before you move, you will either end up spending money to move the things or waste time trying to get rid of things as the local movers’ help you pack.

The Fix:

Downsizing can help you skip the complications of your moving process. Make an inventory of the things that you no longer find useful, you no longer want to bring with you, or the things that are damage and broken. You can sell them, donate, or throw them out. By doing so, it will make the moving process much quicker. You can save money, time, and effort if you declutter.

These are just some of the problems that you will encounter before and during your move. All you have to do is be organized and prepared before, during, and after the day of the relocation. You can consider hiring a small moving company to make your move easy, safe, and secure.


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